Wedding in Český Krumlov

The town's romantic atmosphere and history alone is enough to inspire a wedding! The Golden Angel Hotel provides you with a harmony that suits this atmosphere. We are prepared to provide the future newlyweds and their guests with the following services:

Tailor-made wedding service

If it's a trouble-free experience you want, we'll take care of the entire wedding preparations. We provide the following services:

Wedding reception

Stylish atmosphere of the PETR VOK Restaurant with a view onto the Český Krumlov town square and castle tower is the ideal location for holding your unforgettable wedding party. The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 60 seats and is located in a quiet part of the hotel away from the other restaurant facilities. It's also connected with areas that are suitable for dancing. The chef cook and his staff will work with you to prepare the perfect international menu. It's only up to you to decide between a ceremonial lunch or a combined banquet lunch and dinner in banquet style, or perhaps an outdoor grill party in the hotel courtyard? We'll take care of the decorations, of course, and we can even prepare the wedding cake exactly as you like it.


If it's an outdoor wedding you wish, then you have an entire array of attractive locations to choose from - perhaps the castle gardens with Baroque fountain, the Tramín courtyard in front of the former Minorite Monastery, or the town park. If you prefer to hold your wedding inside, a few examples might be the Mirrored Hall of the Český Krumlov Castle, or the Prokyš Hall.

Other services

We can also take care of the other details, such as music, photographer, cameraman, transportation, and more.


A complete wedding under one roof? The Golden Angel Hotel is unique in that each room is furnished in a slightly different style. One room, however, is quite different - this is the room prepared for newlyweds.

That extra touch

Your post-wedding festivities can continue after hours in the Music Bar, which is part of the hotel and is open until the wee hours.
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